Thursday, 11 November 2010

Most reviled man in England (for a short while)

Talk about a neglected blog! Things have been so hectic lately, I finished 2-3 big projects at work; an app that records text and video memories about the Alien films, integration of an Alien soundboard app into facebook with audio recording, and a crazy hectic project which involved building an app which lets facebook users track and vote for 4 teams rushing round the country to promote the film DUE DATE (starring Robert Downey Jr and Zach Galifianakis). It's rare you get a project with a name that so aptly describes it's development. I'll post some screens when I get the chance.

Anyway, in line with Nintendo's policy of shorter experiences delivered more often, this is a quick exercise I did while waiting to meet Eunice for lunch. I felt like doing a quick paint exercise, and from my browser window this mug was staring at me. This was done in Painter X and took about an hour, and I made a concerted effort to avoid drawing lines. Things I need to keep in mind:

- squint a lot
- look for the values
- refine anything that looks off by refining positive and negative shapes
- identify a light source, then stick to it
- the eyes are very important

Things I've discovered about myself:

- I'm terrible at noses
- most things I create (draw/paint) are skewed to the right

Monday, 27 September 2010

Boy meets TREE. Says 'Hello'.

Well, the constant pressure has got to me and I've succumbed (I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY EWAN). This is the first post on my blog, which I'm aiming to use as a brain dump for whatever's in my head, and whatever I'm working on. This will include the odd sketch/painting (I love to draw and paint, and so I'm trying to teach myself to be better at it), along with the various flash projects that I'm allowed to show, and my upcoming game projects which will probably be done in Unity3D.

So! The first post. A throwaway painting of a boy meeting a tree in a desolate landscape bathed in the warm glows of sunset. It's my first real attempt at a painting in Painter 11, the demo of which I downloaded last week, and I've got to say I really enjoy using it. The bristles on the brushes and blenders are so much fun to use - I'm going to have some big decisions to make once the licence runs out!

It's not like I have money to spare at the moment having just forked out for Unity3 v3 last night. I've never spent so much money on software before and it was TERRIFYING (+25% tax!). Still, in terms of this blog though, it'll force me to do more regular updates on all these games that I should be building! Onwards and upwards..